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That time I went to Disneyland and ran the Avengers Half Marathon

Hello blog! I dropped by today to write a little race recap from my first half marathon! That's right, you read that correctly! Last Thursday I left on a jet plane at 7:15 AM and flew to Chicago to pick up my boyfriend because we were flying out to California to run in the Inaugural runDisney Avengers Half Marathon! It was both of our first time to LA, first visits to Anaheim to Disneyland, and our first half marathon! I will probably recap about the actual trip and Disneyland later, but for now I just wanted to document about our race!

To give some backstory, in July I moved to Florida. Back at home, I had a gym membership and a safe neighborhood that I felt comfortable running in. We signed up for the race in April and at that time, I actually had no idea that I would be moving. Once I moved, I didn't train as much as I wanted to and I only got up to running/walking 6 miles. I was nervous but excited for the race about actually being able to do it. The race was November 16 at 5:30 AM and we were up by 4:30 since we could walk to the starting line. That's something that I love about Disneyland, you can walk everywhere!

This was at the starting line! We were in Corral G which means we had a while to wait! We were with 10,000+ of our closest fans! 
Ready to tackle 13.1 miles!! This is us at the starting line! 

We were able to meet Hawkeye somewhere between mile 2 and 3! I made a tulle running tutu but I'm not sure if I will make one of those again! It was easy, but about halfway through I wanted to take it off! I had put effort into making it, so I didn't. It's currently hanging out in my closet...haha.

A little while after Hawkeye, we were able to meet Black Widow!! 

We made it to Mile 5!!! I was so proud of myself at this point. For miles  5-10, it was pretty uneventful as far as scenery goes! For the first 3, we were running around Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure! It was a lot of fun to see the backstage area of both of those parks and run down in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle! 

MILE 6!! Ooooh, we're almost halfway there!! 

This was between miles 6 and 8! Cool graffiti on the way to Angel Stadium!! 

I'm going to run this half marathon, but first let me take a selfie of myself and my awesome, amazing boyfriend who stayed with me our whole first half even though he could have finished way before me because he was better trained. I'm so lucky to have him and I love him lots! :) Thanks, baby! 

We made it to Angel Stadium which was so exciting! I was expecting crowds of screaming fans to be cheering for us(I mean there were cheerleaders along the track and other fans cheering) but the video below is what it was actually like!

Running through Angel Stadium! Excuse my heavy breathing, I was running/walking a half marathon and this was between miles 9 and 10! 

WE ARE DOING THIS!!! We were still smiling! 

YAY MILE 10! 3.1 more to go! 

My boyfriend ran ahead of me at this point, but I wanted a picture with the Mile 11 sign!! 

WE DID IT! We smashed the half in about 3:35! (That's 3 hours and 35 minutes, obviously!) 
 To recap? The half marathon was exhausting but fun. It was challenging but rewarding. I am already trying to plan how I'm going to train to get ready for the next one! Hopefully we will be able to do this race at Disneyland again next year! I'm doing the Royal Family 5K in February as part of the runDisney Princess Half Marathon Weekend with one of my friends and I'm so excited! Not sure what princess I'm going to dress up as yet, but we will see! I wasn't as trained as I should have been to run 13.1 miles, but there were still people who finished after me. runDisney made the race a lot of fun and I had the best running partner that anyone could have. Challenge yourself, you will be happy that you did! I know I am!

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