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Coming Soon-ish?

Hello blog!

Since July, I've had a big life change thrown my way.

Back in May, I flew down to Orlando for an interview with The Walt Disney Company. I was offered a role with the company, but due to a previous commitment, I wasn't able to move down in June like I was supposed to. Instead, I moved down mid-July after my boyfriend's brothers wedding.

It's been interesting to adjust to the Florida life as opposed to the Kentucky life. Some days I really miss Kentucky, my family, and my boyfriend but other days I'm happy that I made the decision to come back down here. I feel like my life has gotten a little more interesting since I moved down here, so I thought I might start posting on this blog of mine some more! It definitely won't be an every day post type situation but I am planning on dropping by some more!!

So hi, I'm Rachel, I like warm hugs and I hope that you will follow me on this blog of mine!

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