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Two posts in two days --- what?!

Hello blog!

So today wasn't that exciting. Really. It wasn't.
I found out that my boyfriend is in fact coming down here next weekend -- YAY!
I found out that one of my college roomies is expecting a baby in October -- YAY!
I went to the GYM again today after work and I got info about maybe getting a personal trainer -- Maybe yay? haha
OH, and I got 50% off of a 5K that I really want to try to do. So that's exciting.

Today was a pretty good day. Let's just say that.
I mainly wanted to write down by workout for today so that I don't forget it. Don't be surprised if that's all my blog becomes!

Thursday Workout -- March 13, 2014
Get to gym - stretch 
10 minute walk at 1.0 incline at 3.5 mph
1 hour Zumba Class

Oh, another positive about today. It's a month before my birthday and I'm pretty sure the Mexican food I had for dinner cancels out that ^ workout. But oh well. Let me enjoy the Mexican food and be proud of my workout, okay? I hope everyone is having a great week so far!

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