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Life Lately

Hello blog.

I'm sorry for neglecting you again. Life was just taking some pretty interesting twists and turns.
Life likes to do that, you know.

Well, I think in my last post I wrote about how I was starting graduate school.
That was short-lived since I wasn't passionate about it -- at all.

I did find a part-time job though that I love in a hospital gift shop.
It's not full time, but I'm almost working a full-time schedule each week.
The ladies I work with are great, not catty. I also love seeing familiar faces of the hospital staff each day.
There's a Mayor, A CEO, and other great people who I have started to recognize/start building relationships with. Friendships, if you will.
I'm still not sure if it's what I want to do as a career, but with 300+ locations all over the U.S., moving up in the company is a possibility. It's not time to move up quite yet.

In addition to finding a new job, I also have started a new adventure.
I joined a gym for the first time in my life. It wasn't included in my college tuition, I did it myself.
Life was getting kind of frustrating not knowing what I'm really supposed to be doing, so I decided to take frustrations and make myself healthier.
Exercise can make you feel PRETTY amazing, let me tell you.
My boyfriend works out daily so he also motivates me. He just motivates me to be a better me.
I'm still with my handsome long-distance relationship boyfriend and he's just the best. I seriously don't know what I did to get so lucky with him. It's March, which means we are ALMOST to 22 months. 22 months in a LDR when some people don't think LDR people can make it? Yeah, we have so far :)

I still miss Disney every day, but lately I think where I'm supposed to be for now.
I have a job that I genuinely enjoy, I'm trying to get healthy(gave up fast food for Lent to help!), and I still have a wonderful boyfriend/family who loves me. Life is pretty good right now. I'm content.

Who knows, maybe this time I really will start posting about any possible weight loss, but we'll see!

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