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Hello, August!!

It's the first day of August and I am making a point to start this month of right! 

I woke up and watched Gilmore Girls on ABC Family. I love watching reruns of that show even if I have seen it before! After that, I made myself a smoothie as my breakfast/pre-run treat. Jamba Juice sells pre-made smoothies in the freezer section at the grocery store so I made myself the Razzmatazz one. I used apple juice as my liquid and it was so good. 

I've been on such a smoothie kick this week. We had spinach lying around in our fridge so I decided to make green smoothies. I won't share my first green smoothie pic on here cause it doesn't look that "green", but you can go check it out on my Instagram. The first one was kind of green-ish/brown-ish, but the SECOND one I made was this lovely green color:
Green Smoothie #2
 Green Smoothie #2 had 2 cups of spinach, a granny smith apple, raspberry chobani, a banana, and a kiwi. I made the mistake of using too much water, but I think if I had used apple juice it would have been better.

After the smoothie, I decided to start the month off right by going for a walk/run before my hair appointment this afternoon. I've been doing the C25K challenge and today was Week 2, Day 3! It went great! My speed isn't increasing that much, but I believe my endurance is getting better. My legs are still kind of sore when I finish running, but after I stretch it normally goes away. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow so I'll ask if that's normal. I've noticed that since I've been counting calories using MyFitnessPal and running more using C25K and MapMyFitness that I have been feeling better. Today I didn't have a Diet Coke and I think that's one of the small steps that's getting me on the right track. 

I haven't had my hair cut in a few months and I wish I had taken a before picture, but I got my hair done today! I had my hair stylist cut off 3 inches of my hair and dye it to a darker brown that will fade to be pretty close to my "natural" color or what seems to be my "natural" color. When I finished my run, I had like 20 minutes to shower and get to the salon so excuse my face. Just pay attention to my hair! I love it! :) 

That's all that I have for today, but I hope you all are having a great Thursday! I can't believe I take the GMAT on Tuesday. I feel prepared but at the same time, I wish it was still a week or two away. I'm ready for it to be done just to see where life is taking me next. Any prayers or good thoughts would be greatly appreciated as I'm closing in on test day. It's not the MCAT or LSAT, but it's still really important to me! Thanks again and enjoy your weekend while I'm studying! 

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