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Travel Tuesday -- Places I'd Love To Go -- USA Edition

In the past few weeks, I've traveled to Indianapolis and Nashville. These mini road-trips have been great, except they have totally sparked my desire to travel to more places. In August I will be going to Chicago for my boyfriend's brother's wedding, but I want to go other places too. Below are 5 places in the United States that are next on my must-see destinations. These aren't in any particular order.

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Last summer one of my childhood friends got married and moved to Seattle because her husband got a great job out there. Sleepless in Seattle is one of my FAVORITE movies, I love Starbucks, and I love great scenery, so I definitely think you can understand why I would love to go out there. 

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Aspen, Denver, Breckenridge...I'm not picky. For years I've wanted to go skiing in Colorado. It's on my life bucket list! Kind of like Seattle, the trip would allow me to experience new things outdoors with some GREAT scenery. Are you catching a trend here?

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So far, I've been to San Francisco, San Diego, and Catalina Island in California because my family left for a cruise from San Fran. We visited those places and ever since I've wanted to go back. Next time I'd go, I'd love to go to Los Angeles, Disneyland in Anaheim, and visit Napa Valley. Actually I'd just love to visit Northern California in general. It's kind of like Colorado, pretty much a vacation to anywhere in that state would make me happy! 

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Austin, Houston, San Antonio, or Dallas. Take me to any of them. Give me some TexMex, the scenery, and some fun activities to make me happy. I've been to places on the East Coast, I've been out west, but I've never been to Texas. All of these bloggers that I follow that live there make me want to visit the places that they call home! 

New England
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I firmly believe that you can't truly experience all that America has to offer unless you visit the areas where our ancestors explored first. I say New England because I wish I could just explore ALL of it. I'd love to have Lobster in Maine, see the lighthouses along the coast, visit Yale's campus in New Haven, Connecticut, visit Martha's Vineyard and Boston, and so much more. There's Plymouth, the White Mountain National Forest, crab cakes in Baltimore, and just all the scenery that makes the New England states great. Of course I'd love to go during the Fall so I could really soak it all in with all the beautiful fall colors. 

Ultimately, I'd love to visit all the states. Hawaii is definitely in the top 6 when I add another place I'd love to see. 
Disney's Aulani Resort(come on, you knew this was coming!) Source here

What about you? What places in the good ol' USA do you think I should visit? Happy Tuesday! I'm linking up with Chloe and Sara for the GFC Lovin' Blog Hop! 

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