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Three states in 4 days!

I'm back!! As the title suggests, I've been quite busy since the 4th of July! I decided that pictures are better indicators of what I've been up to, so I'm going to let the pictures do the talking! 
July 4th - Thursday

On Thursday the family and I drove down to Nashville, TN to watch the fireworks on the riverfront! It rained the whole day which was a bummer, but we still had a great time! We went shopping at Opry Mills where I got some great stuff at the Loft Outlet and H&M! After shopping, we went down to the river to claim our spot and we got a GREAT spot close to the stage for The Band Perry's concert. Well, it was a great spot for the show, until the rain caused the stage location to move. It was okay though, we still got to see the show on a huge screen and they did great! It was my first time seeing them in concert and considering it was free, you can't beat that! Since it was rainy, the smoke from the fireworks ended up blowing towards us so my pictures above aren't the greatest. By the end of the show you couldn't even see them! 
I spent the day packing for Indianapolis! Nothing too exciting happened but I did manage to give my blog somewhat of a facelift. I love it so far but I'm still working on minor tweaks here and there.

Since I haven't seen my boyfriend, Joe, in over a month, he came up with the idea to meet up in Indianapolis. Indy is halfway between us so it was supposed to be a 3 1/2 hour drive. Easy, right? Well it was until I got stuck in traffic for 2 hours because of a wreck. Thankfully I arrived safely and we had a great time! We saw the capitol building, a historical monument, Yoda & friends at a Star Wars exhibit at the Indiana State Museum, and we saw where the Colts play. We had GREAT food while we were there and dined at this really cool Indianapolis Colts Grille. Indianapolis is a pretty easy city to navigate once you find the main area so we were able to go shopping, see Monsters University which was really cute, and see the LOVE sign at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. We drove by Butler University since we were in the area and ended our trip eating lunch at this really yummy Mexican restaurant. Overall it was a great trip with my amazing boyfriend and I can't wait to see him again. Hope you all had a great weekend and a great start to your week as well!

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