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Just so you know...

Since I'm not really sure what to write about today, this may be a rambling post of sorts. I've seen the "currently" posts and "just because" posts on other blogs, but today I wanted to try something different.  

Just so you know...If I follow your blog, I'm not doing it to "follow you back" or just to get you more readers. I try to read your blog and even if I don't comment, know that you still have a reader. I currently have 157 blog posts that I'm sorting through on bloglovin' that I'm trying to read! 

Just so you know... I am not one of those bloggers who blog everyday. Some days, like today, I have writers' block and cannot think of what to say. So I end up composing rambling posts like this one so that I can keep my blog active.

Just so you know.... I enjoy a nice glass of wine, a margarita on the rocks, a red stag lemonade, or another alcoholic beverage of choice every now and then. However, I won't be posting about any crazy drinking adventures on this blog. That's not me and I have actually lost friends due to lifestyle differences. Not saying that anything is wrong with going out to bars, but again that's not me. 

Just so you know... I am a former Jonas Brothers fangirl. Yep, I admitted it on my blog. In 2010, I actually had the pleasure of meeting them at a concert in Cincinnati, OH. August 10, 2010 to be exact. I was so excited to meet them and Kevin was probably the sweetest out of the three. The others were really nice, but Kevin's genuine kindness stuck out to me. Yes, he's a celebrity, but he seemed so "real" as cliche as that sounds. Naturally, when I found out yesterday that him and his wife, Danielle, were expecting their first baby I was thrilled! Now I'm just praying that they will give their baby a normal name.

Just so you know... I think I'm finally starting to find my passion and what I want to write about on my blog. I have had several blogs over the years, but I'm finally starting to figure out what type of blog I want this one to be. 

Just so you know... I am a Christian and I may post about my religious beliefs on my blog. Everything in my life, good and bad, is because of Him. Sometimes I forget how truly blessed I am when it seems like bad things are happening, but even on my bad days I need to remember that I have it better than some people. 

Just so you know... I am running out of things to say but these thoughts cleared my head for now. I hope you all are having a great Thursday so far! Tomorrow is Friday, yay! I'm particularly excited cause my bestie from the Disney College Program is driving down to spend the weekend with me! 

Oh, and one more just so you know... I have a new blog design that I did myself! Let me know what you think!

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