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Stay Connected!

BREAKING NEWS: Google Reader will be shutting down tomorrow.

Okay, seriously, who didn't know that already?!

I'll spare you all a long post and give you ways to connect with me without Google Reader. I'm sure you all have seen lots of posts like these, so I'll make it brief. My weekend had a few bumps so it wasn't the best, but things are starting to work themselves out so hopefully things continue to get better.

Anyways, if you like my blog and want to keep up with me, here are links to follow me! Thanks in advance if you continue to follow me. My twitter and instagram are private, but if you are from the blogging community and read this blog, leave a comment below to let me know who you are so I'll be sure to accept it. I try to filter who I allow to follow me. I don't want any creepers, that's what it boils down to! I hope you all have had a great weekend/great start to your Monday!


Instagram - @rachellee4

Twitter  - @RachelLee413

Stay connected, will you?

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