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National Running Day -- I walked? Does that count?

So today was national running day.

I would LOVE to be a runner. When I was younger, I was a swimmer and in our off season my mom always wanted me to be a cross country runner so I would build up my leg strength. However, I HATED running. I would get out of breath and I couldn't run as fast or as long as the other girls. It's not to say that I was the worst, I just wasn't them. So therefore, instead of pushing myself harder, I am not proud to admit that I gave up.

Now that I'm older, I wish I would have tried harder. I feel like since I've gotten older, the "cool" thing to do is 5K's, half marathons, marathons, etc. Ever since Boston and watching my friends complete 5k's at Disney last year during my Disney College Proram, I have wanted to run. I wouldn't want to run because it's the "cool" thing, I just want to be able to complete a 5K and so on. Running for 26.2 miles sounds CRAZY to me, but maybe someday if I really worked at it, then I could. My first step though is getting in shape that I could do a 5K.

However, I don't want my first 5K or any running event to be just anywhere. I want to be in good shape so that one day I can run and complete this fabulous event:

I feel like I'm writing a future episode of MTV's show MADE but here it goes: "I want to be made into train myself to be a Disney Princess Half Marathon runner." I was a cast member completing my Disney College Program last year when this event went on and I was SO envious of the girls, their princess costumes and their awesome medals that they got for completing the race. There was just this awesome feeling of being able to congratulate them for completing their event as they walked through the Polynesian Resort where I worked. It is ridiculously expensive to register, but being able to complete one before I'm 30 would be awesome. I have a little under 5 years to achieve this goal, but I'm hoping that I will be able to. I guess you could say this is one of the top 10 things I'd love to do on my 30 before I'm 30 list.

I'm writing about running and RunDisney because

  1. I love Disney
  2. I want to get better at running so I can complete running events 
  3. Today is National Running Day
I didn't run today, but my mom and I did go on a 3.07 mile walk around our neighborhood. It may not seem like very far to you, but for us, it's progress! I didn't "run" today, but I did get out and exercise which counts for something in my book! Who knows, maybe one day I'll get good enough at running so that I'll be able to get THIS fabulous medal -- a Coast to Coast Medal for running and completing a Walt Disney World race AND a Disneyland race! Doesn't it make YOU want to get out and run? Okay, probably just me! I hope you all are having a great Wednesday and I just wanted to say hello to all of the new readers that popped up thanks to the GFC' Lovin' Blog Hop that I did with Chloe and Sara! Thanks for following and reading this blog of mine! 

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