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That awkward moment when...

So this morning(okay let's be honest it was about 10:30), I sent a text message "good morning :)" to the top person on my messages. I didn't double check the name because I was thinking about my boyfriend, cause of course he was the last one I texted.


Wrong. Oh so wrong.

This is my message to people on why you should always double check your text messages that you send and who you are sending them to. I sent said text message to a girl that I worked at the bridal salon with. Her response was simply, "hey girl?!" but I realized I probably weirded her out a little because who actually sends good morning texts like that to their friends.

I quickly laughed at myself and told her "haha I meant to send that to my boyfriend, sorry about that, but hi!" She joked with me and said at least it wasn't a provocative text! haha. The damage was done, she went on with my day, I have obviously gone on with mine which hasn't been too exciting except I finally worked on my blog design a little. It's not super fancy BUT I did it myself and I'm super proud of how it looks so far! I just need to figure out how to center my header!

Picmonkey is wonderful for edits and this tutorial from Wifessionals helped me create my own social media icons. Let me know what you all think! I'm going to go enjoy the rest of this sunny day but I hope you learned something from my story from this morning! haha. Hope you all are having a great Wednesday!

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