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Spotlight: BaubleBar

Yesterday I wrote a post about loving the nautical knot bracelets and posted a couple options. Today I'm continuing my posts about accessories, but I'm focusing on BaubleBar. Now, I'll admit, I don't have any BaubleBar pieces(yet), but that's just because I'm having a hard time deciding which piece I should make mine first. Statement necklaces, black and white pieces, serpentine pieces -- you name it, they have it! Here are 5 of my favorite pieces that I would LOVE to own.

1- Onyx Marquise Bloom Bib // 2- Patriot Geo Strand // 3- Primary Neptune Bib 
 4 - Sea-Foam Bloom Bangle // 5- Gold Multi-Disk Pendant  

Also, honorable mention goes to number 6, the Gatsby Bangle Trio. 
I love the Onyx Marquise Bloom Bib and the Gatsby Bangle Trio cause they go along with the current black and white trend. Also, I love how glamorous the Gatsby Bangle Trio is. The Primary Neptune Bib would be perfect for Memorial Day weekend or July 4th because of the colors! The Patriot Geo Strand and Gold Multi-Disk Pendant are just two pieces that I would love to add to my collection. The Sea Foam Bloom Bangle would actually be number one on this list, but unfourtunately it's on wait list! Hopefully I'll get an e-mail saying that it is going to be restocked soon! 

What about you? Anything from BaubleBar on your wishlist? Let me know! 

As always, I hope you all are having a great day! Only a few more days until my weekend trip to see the boyfriend! I'm super excited! 

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