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Mother's Day Recap!


My mom and I. She's my best friend...love her so much! 
So I fail with not actually getting a picture with my mom on Mother's Day, however I took the pic on the left to send to my boyfriend and just decided to do a post of what I wore yesterday! Nothing fancy, just a simple white lace dress with a blue jean jacket and brown Steve Madden wedges. I've had all of these pieces for over a year(minus the Fossil sunglasses) but I decided to throw them all together yesterday.

Anyways, Mother's Day was great! We went to church and then to Dunkin Donuts afterwards. I am starting my diet today, but knowing that I just had three munchkins and a small iced coffee. It definitely hit the spot until my relatives got here to go to lunch/dinner with us! We went to this local place that I used to work at and it was so yummy. After that, the relatives, my parents and I came back to our house and my 10-year old cousin and I watched a Disney movie while everyone else watched golf. After everyone else left, it was a chill night watching tv shows like Once Upon A Time and Revenge. Did anybody else watch Revenge last night?! So good!! I'm going to be so impatient waiting til fall for the new episodes! However, I'm super excited that Pretty Little Liars will be back next month! Love that show!

What about you all? How was your mother's day? Happy Mother's Day to all of the mom's out there a day late! Hope you all had a great one!

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