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Memorial Day Weekend Recap - Day 2!

So I know it's Thursday, but I don't have TOO much to write about today so I'll just finish recapping my weekend!

Saturday we woke up and got ready to spend the day adventuring in an area called Bolingbrook. They have an H&M there and since his family knows I love the store, they always suggest that we go to that shopping area as a date idea. We ate lunch at this place called Salad Creations where they make the salads in front of you. It was super yummy and I'm looking forward to hopefully going back next time I am up in the area. I had to take a pic of my Thai Crunch salad and instagram it, obviously. 

After we ate, we saw Iron Man 3 in this super swanky movie iPic movie theatre which felt more like a personal home theatre instead of a movie & popcorn kind of place. I mean how many movie theatres have YOU been to that ask if you had a reservation? That was the first one I have been to! Anyways, Iron Man 3 was awesome and seeing it with my boyfriend made it even better. After shopping and the movie, we went back to his house to change for our date night/anniversary dinner at this restaurant in downtown Joliet called The Department. We split the spinach and artichoke dip for our appetizer and he had the clam chowder for his soup before his ribs came. I chose the clam chowder as well and went with the prime rib with mashed potatoes. It was super yummy and afterwards we stopped at this local liquor store called Binny's. I got the Cupcake Moscato and he got the Lemon Shandy! 

I think he's adorable :)

Happy Almost One Year pic! 
Once we got back to his place, we watched a movie and drank our wine and beer since we had the house to ourselves! It was a great relaxing day and it felt great to feel like a "normal" couple who gets to see each other every day.

We woke up at 8:30 and got ready to catch the 10:30 train in New Lenox to go to Chicago! It was a BEAUTIFUL day for exploring! We walked around Michigan Ave and other parts of the city. We ate a late lunch at Hard Rock Cafe before venturing through more shops! One of my favorite things that we found was this hat at Macy's. He picked it out for me so naturally I had to post this pic!

Not the best picture, but there's the hat! I loved it but didn't buy it.
Pictures do a better job of showing the adventures that we had, so enjoy!
The new Burberry building! Last time I was in Chicago they were still building it so it was cool to see it completed!

Walking through the streets with my favorite guy! 

Macy's that used to be Marshall Fields! It was huge and slightly overwhelming considering my Macy's in my hometown! 

Loved this fountain and fountains in general! 

Of course I had to buy Garrett's Chicago Mix to bring home and snack on the plane! So yummy! 
We woke up about 9:30 and got ready for the day. Joe received a nice Citizen watch for his birthday but it needed to get some links taken out since it was too big. We went to the local Macy's to fix that and then went out for lunch before going back to his house. My flight was at 7:55 pm so about 5:30 we said our "see you soon" instead of "bye". Bye just seems so final to me so even on the phone we say "later" instead of "bye". It was a great trip but sad to leave like always. I'm looking forward to the next visit we have! It cannot come soon enough!

Horrible picture of me, but we went on a walk around his neighborhood! It had a nice little trail with beautiful scenery! 
How gorgeous was this sunset from the plane?! God is amazing.  Above and below were clouds. 
I hope you all are having a great week so far! This week has been low key. Still searching for that perfect job, but enjoying getting back to healthier habits like eating well and exercise in the meanwhile! I re-did my blog design, but I'm thinking I might fix it again. We will see. Happy Thursday/almost Friday!

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