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Friday's Letters...or the almost Saturday Letters!

Hello! On this rainy Friday evening, I bring to you my Friday letters. Since it was raining and gross all day today, I took this day as a rest day and didn't workout. Hopefully the weather will cooperate tomorrow! Anyways, here's my letters...


Dear Mom. I am so blessed that you are my mom and my best friend. Tomorrow I need to get out and get a gift bag for your Mother's Day gift and a card. Although I saw a cute craft idea from Clinton on the Chew, and it seems really easy and cute so maybe I'll do a homemade card. I wanted to make you breakfast too, but we will see!

How cute, right?! Those are real flowers, not painted ones! 
Dear Former Co-Workers. I can't believe that you all came shopping in my hometown and didn't even bother calling me. Actually I can, because you all know I'm not really working right now so it's not like I could have bought anything but the thought would have been nice to text me or something. Maybe our friendship was as fake as other people that we worked with or maybe you all just didn't think about calling me. It's okay, I just would have liked to have seen you all.

Dear company that didn't hire me. Thank you for the opportunity to interview three times just to get a rejection letter. That might sound sarcastic, but it isn't. Because of those interviews, I'm seriously considering going back to school to get my master's degree. I won't be getting my MBA like I originally thought, but either a social work degree or something to do with human resources. After interviewing and seeing the job duties of someone who is a HR manager, I think it would be a great career path for me. I could help people and get out of my current career path (which is taking me absolutely nowhere). Without that rejection letter, I don't know if I would have realized something like this would interest me so much! So once again, thank you!  

Dear time. Where is this year going? I feel like I was just celebrating my birthday with my boyfriend and it's already been three weeks since I've seen him. I'm not complaining because this means the time apart from him is going fast, but WOW! If you could let this next couple of weeks go by fast too, that would be great! I can't believe it's already been almost a year since boyfriend & I started dating! 

Dear readers. I hope it is okay if I consider you all to be my blog world friends. If you follow me and comment on my posts, follow me on twitter, or follow me on instagram, thank you for being out there. You all did not have to click the follow button, but I'm glad you did. I hope you all have a GREAT weekend and that any fun plans that you might have don't get rained out or canceled. 

That's all I have for tonight since it's already Saturday in most parts of the world, but I thought I'd go ahead and do this late post! 

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