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Hi everyone!

I don't have much to post about tonight besides I am hoping to get a third round interview with this company I am applying to! They are a great company with some similarities in operating style to Disney, so I think I would be a GREAT fit.

Anyways, to save you from that, I'll just fill you in on 5 random things about me!

This week is off to a good start, and I totally almost forgot the best part of the weekend!! 

I'M DATING A COLLEGE GRADUATE!! That's right, my handsome, loving, sweet boyfriend of a little over 11 months graduated from Michigan State University on Friday! I'm so so proud of him and so excited to see where life takes him! He's still looking for a job, so good thoughts and prayers are welcome! We both need well paying jobs so that we can see each other more. Once every month is hard. I know some people have it worse than that, but I'm a little selfish and wish I could see him more. He's my best friend so naturally it sucks when you can't be around the person that makes you happiest every day! I ordered him an awesome custom gift today that's totally him. I can't wait to see it and write a review about the company so I can let you all know about the great find! 

Anyways, that short post turned into a long one, but this is the point...HAVE A GREAT WEEK and please follow me on BlogLovin'! The only thing that I don't like about bloglovin' is that you can't just change your blog url, you have to lose followers and start over! Frustrating, but here's the link! Please follow me if you'd like! :) 

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