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Disappointments are God's way of saying "I have something better in mind."

If the title doesn't give it away, I didn't get the third round job interview. In fact, I got a rejection letter. Considering my second interview was Friday, it got here pretty fast. I was really optimistic that I would get it, but I've learned not to blog about it, put a facebook status about it, or tell people about it because you will just end up being disappointed.

Kind of like in grade school when you liked a boy and you told all your friends? Chances are there would be a lot of he said/she said and if you were anything like me, you would get your hopes up that maybe the boy would like you but he didn't. This job was that boy who you thought could like you, but didn't. Okay, maybe they are similar? Maybe not.

I have been sad all day, but starting tomorrow, I'm not allowing myself to be sad anymore cause this experience reminded me about something.

Disappointments are just God's way of saying, "I've got something better in mind."
God knew that I wouldn't get this job, yet I applied. I got the interview experience(I had 3 interviews in a one week period --- it was a bit much), I was able to get some feedback from one of the girls who interviewed me. I learned that if you say you have a friend that worked for another part of the company that you better be able to say WHICH location they worked at. Also, I'm pretty sure when I said that she didn't work for the company any more, that helped cross my name off of that list.

It is a bummer, but I'm moving on. Something better will hopefully come my way. I'm seriously considering going back to school because retail is pretty much the only option for me right now and that's not what I want to do. I'm not sure what I want to do with my life besides be a princess, but since I am already one and I'm not really getting the benefits of being a Disney Princess, I guess I should embark on another adventure!

Here's to new adventures and finding a great job for me where I can grow in the company.

Hope this didn't bore you all too much. My blog is just my place to vent and express my thoughts so they don't get bottled up inside of me.

A picture from my birthday last year -- see I have a tiara, it fits, so I am an unofficial Disney Princess and so is my bestie ;) 

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