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Belated Memorial Day Weekend Day 1 Recap & Happy One Year post!

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posts, but I have been away from the computer for the past few days for Memorial Day weekend and then I was just lazy when it came to the blog. So forgive me for this late memorial day post. I'm still going to write about it though because it was probably the best Memorial Day I've had in a while! On Friday, I woke up at about 8:30 and by 10:00 am I was on my way to visit my boyfriend & his family for the weekend! We had LOTS to celebrate with his birthday being on Thursday(the 23rd), his college graduation from Michigan State University, and our one year dating anniversary which was Tuesday! Sadly I came back to reality today so I didn't ACTUALLY spend our anniversary day with him, but it was a great weekend anyways! I'm going to split up the recap of the weekend to save you all from a REALLY long post!

Friday I flew out of Nashville to Chicago. The hour flight was pretty good and I chatted with a chatty lawyer for the whole time. He was 38 and really good about giving job advice. Normally I don't chat with strangers while on the airplane, but he was talkative and I had chardonnay so I let him talk. I met up with the boyfriend Joe when I came down the escalator to the baggage claim and I was so excited to see him. On the way home, we saw this guy selling cotton candy. I thought it was strange, but apparently it's probably normal while you are waiting to get on I-55.

Once we got to his house, we hung out for a while with his family before going out for Mexican at this local place. I loved just being able to be a "normal" couple out to dinner with my boyfriend, his parents, and his brother and his brother's girlfriend. We ate, drank margaritas and had a great time. After the mexican food we came back and hung out for the rest of the night. That's all for day 1, but tomorrow I'll have a recap of the rest of the trip, but for now, I just want to recap the past year in pictures since yesterday was our one year dating anniversary! 
My first trip to Chicago my boyfriend met me at Midway with these lovely flowers 

My first trip to Chicago!
We got dessert and drinks in the John Hancock building on the 94th floor! 
Sunset and the amazing view of Chicago! Part of it anyways!

My first trip to Michigan for his fraternity's date party! 

A couple months after we started dating he came to Disney to visit me since I was still down there doing my college program with Disney! 

Two month anniversary flowers in our room! 

Second time I went to Chicago to visit him, we visited Skydeck at the Sears Tower(not calling it Willis! Still Sears to me!)

NYE 2013 at his house! 

Spring Break 2012 in Miami before we left for our cruise! Such a great time! 

My birthday weekend he came to see me and we spent a day in Nashville

We visited Atlantis in the Bahamas! 

Memorial Day Weekend in Chicago

Where it all happened -- Walt Disney World.  
Dear boyfriend, I know it's a day late, but thank you for Memorial Day Weekend and for being my best friend for over a year. I love you and even though distance sucks, I'd rather have that then not be able to call you my boyfriend. We have had some tough times, but we always pull through. I love how we support each other and are always able to have fun. You are one of the best people I have met and I cannot imagine how different my life at Disney and after would be without you. I'm so blessed to call you my boyfriend. Happy one year. I love you so much. Love, your girlfriend Rachel. 

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