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April Showers bring May Flowers!

So I just realized I hadn't posted yet on this fine Wednesday, so this will leave two posts for you all to read Thursday! This is the most pointless post ever, just a fair warning. You can skip it if you want! 

1) It's Wednesday, how is it already Wednesday?

2) It's May. Good things happen to me in May. Last May, I got my first "real" boyfriend towards the end of the month. This May, I officially accepted a job for a company, but I'm not 100% sure if I want to work there, SO I have a second round interview with a different company tomorrow. 

3) I realize it's tacky and unprofessional to post about such things on blogs and it's bad to accept one job while interviewing for another, but if option B opened its door to me, I would feel a little bad? But I know I was doing what's best for me. 

4) Coach Factory needs to stop sending me emails because a coach purse for $70 is just WAY too tempting for this girl who is in between jobs. 

5) I want a real big girl job so I can be able to afford my cost of living myself.

6) I'm 25 and still depend on my parents to help me. I live at home. Wow I'm lame. 

7) I am not lame, I am just trying to figure out what I want to do with my life.

8) I wish I was still at Disney. Why did I leave Disney? This question pops through my mind at LEAST once a day. 

9) Distance relationships are hard. It's not a military relationship, but it's still hard. 

10) I'm tired of certain people trying to make me feel inferior to them. Like to the point of just wanting to cut them off. 

11) I can't keep cutting people off though because I don't want to be alone. 

12) Being back in my hometown is depressing because after being away from these people for like 6 years, relationships with friends aren't the same. Do people even know I'm back or do they just not care? I need to make work friends. 

13) Food network is on. Thankfully it's the beginning of an episode of Restaurant: Impossible and this restaurant had a cockroach infestation so I'm done eating for the night. For sure. 

14) I've learned that just because people CAN do something, doesn't mean they SHOULD. 

15) I wish this sinus infection would go away. 

16) Ziplining commercial, that looks like so much fun. Of course it's a California commercial. Yes, California, I'd LOVE to come visit you, but I can't right now.

17) I need to train for the 5k that I want to run. I really need to lose weight.

18) I can't believe boyfriend graduates from college on Friday! I'm so proud of him!!

19) Boyfriend and I need big kid jobs, ASAP. 

20) This post is beyond pointless and if anyone read this, they need a cookie or two. And a glass of wine. Cause this post had to be boring. Sorry readers! 

Hope you all have had a more eventful Wednesday than me! 

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