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Vacation Recap!

Last Week(April 20-26), my parents and I went on our annual vacation to Hilton Head Island! We had a great time and stayed in our villa as part of our annual timeshare with the Marriott Vacation Club. While I could bore you to death with details about our days, I figured I would do a top 5 post of what we did last week!

1) The Beach 
Our first couple of days weren't that great weather wise, but whenever it finally got into the 70's and sunny, we were able to break out the swim suits, flip flops, sunscreen, sunnies, and beach gear so that we could go to the beach!! It was great being able to spend relaxing days at the beach. 

2) Harbour Town
One of my favorite restaurants prior to this trip is Crazy Crab in Harbour Town. They have great seafood and the view of the Harbour is great! I love being able to look at the sunset over the water, do a little shopping, and enjoy a great dinner. We were able to see the sunset and I took a couple pictures of the iconic lighthouse that is a symbol of HHI. 

3) Skull Creek Boathouse
I have been visiting Hilton Head since I was a kid, and my family had never heard about Skull Creek Boathouse. My boyfriend's big brother from his fraternity told me to check it out, and our first night there we decided to take the chance and go! I'm giving a link to their website and if you are ever in the area, check this place out! I got the lowcountry boil which came with lots of shrimp, corn on the cob, red potatoes, and andouille sausage. I got it both times we visited the restaurant and I'm excited to try their sushi next time that we go! 

4) Free Sangria one day, Free 'Smores the next! 
This year when we visited, our resort had some great activities planned for resort guests! There was free sangria(red and white) with chips and salsa one day, wine & cheese tasting, free 'smores, movie nights, etc! We didn't participate in many of the events, but the sangria day and the 'smore day, we were all for! My dad did the wine and cheese tasting, but I chose not to! 

5) Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort 
As you may or may not know, I had the amazing opportunity to participate in the Walt Disney World College Program for the Spring Advantage session January 18-August 3, 2012! It was the best experience and if you ever have any questions about it, let me know! I did a brief recap post, here! In addition to the resorts at Walt Disney World and Disneyland, Disney also has resorts in Vero Beach, Hilton Head Island, and their new Aulani resort in Hawaii! This year I just had to stop by to see what kind of merchandise they had in their gift shop, and I was able to get some of my favorite Disney World treats, in Hilton Head! I was excited and I also got non-food items for my boyfriend. He follows me, so I won't post pics of those on here ;) 

We had a great time and it was bittersweet coming home as with any vacation. It was a great week of relaxing and fun with my parents which makes the vacation special. My parents anniversary was April 20, and while driving a 10-hour drive that turned into 14-hour drive because of traffic delays in Tennessee, it was great being able to celebrate 28 years of marriage with them!! I hope you all are having a great Monday! 

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