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That moment...

That moment when you realize you created a blog, yet you hardly post in it.

That moment when you go to the tanning bed, and then come home to read a post about how bad it is for you(even though you already knew that).

That moment when you realize you really did quit your job and today was your last day.

That moment when your distance boyfriend drops his iPhone in water and breaks it...again...so that you can't call him.

That moment when you have a job interview lined up for tomorrow morning, yet you don't want to go, but you need a job so you kind of have to.

That moment when you quit your job at a bridal boutique, and then David's Bridal calls you and mentions they are looking for a management position.

That moment when your good friend is talking about her perfect life at Disney and you get down because she beat you out for the Disney PI that you applied for.

That moment when you just want to cry because you aren't where you wanted to be at age 25 and still have no idea what you want to be when you grow up.


That moment when you reflect on the delicious Five Guys cheeseburger and fries that you had with your mom.

That moment when you realize how much your boyfriend really loves you.

That moment when you realize you aren't like everyone else and it's okay to not be at your ideal spot right now.

That moment when you realize that everything will be okay in God's timing.

That moment when you just need to breathe and relax and pray.

That moment when you don't have 1,000's of followers, but a post like this makes you glad you don't have that many.

That moment when you realize that all of these things seem petty to everything else going on in the world. You have both legs, you have both of your happily married parents, you have a lot going for you. Things aren't perfect right now, but even the "bad" things seem really small whenever you realize how life could be worse. Thankful that these little problems are my worries and that the list isn't longer.

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