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Sunday Social - Weakness Edition!

I'm on vacation but since we are having a chill night at our villa, I decided to make a post! If you follow me on instagram or twitter, you have been following along with my trip already. I'll do a trip post once I get back, but for now it's time for Sunday Social! 

What is your shopping weakness? 
H&M is one of my favorite stores, if not my favorite. I love the clothes there and it's really hard for me to walk out with nothing, unless nothing new has come in. 

What is your food weakness?
I love Mexican food, Cheesecake, and this chicken fast food place named Zaxby's. My weakness is eating anything thats bad for me because I'm not strong enough to put it away, even though I keep telling myself that I will go on a diet. 

What is your go to movie to watch when nothing is on?
Any Disney movie. I love Sweet Home Alabama, that one is probably my favorite. I love romantic comedies. 

What is your go to breakfast food?
I don't eat a lot of breakfast, but my favorite is a chicken biscuit from Chick-fil-a, bacon and eggs, or a smoothie. 

Do you drink coffee? If so how do you take it?
I'm not a technical "coffee" drinker unless it's an iced coffee with milk and caramel syrup from Starbucks. I love frappucinos, macchiatos, you name it. I probably misspelled those two, haha. 

I'm going to go back to watching Remembering Sunday on ABC. Hope you all are having a great weekend! 

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