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Saturday Recap!

Well, before I make this post, I just wanted to say THEY CAUGHT HIM!! Praise God that suspect #2 was captured and hopefully Boston can feel a LITTLE safer tonight. I realize it's going to be a long healing process, but hopefully Boston and West, TX can start healing even through all the pain. I left early this morning to go on vacation, but hopefully I should be able to post at night. If not, I'll be sure to do a massive post when I get back! Before I leave though, it's time for...

Saturday Instagram Recap!(with Pearls & Curls!)  

1 -- Red Velvet Cupcakes made for my birthday which was the 13th!
2 - Cute artwork that I saw in Target. I just had to take this pic to send to my boyfriend.
3 -- Ulta haul! Expect a review soon of these products!
4 -- Caramel Mocha Frappucino from Starbucks...so yummy!
5 -- Relaxing on this Friday evening with my Twining's Bedtime Blend while watching the news about Boston Suspect #2 being caught!

Hope you all have a great weekend! Pray for safe travels for my family and I!! If you want to follow the great road trip adventure, follow me on twitter and instagram!!

Pearls and Curls

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