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Hello! Happy Friday! Today I am enjoying another day off and making an online wish list of things that I would love to have! I thought I'd share them with my awesome readers!

1. The Perfect Handbag to Travel With that isn't too big. I've been debating between a Michael Kors bag, Longchamp Le Pliage, or a Coach bag. I am in a long distance relationship and since I fly once every two months, I'd love to have a big tote to be able to put everything in when I fly. I would love if my 13" macbook could even fit in it. Here are three that I am debating between.

MICHAEL Michael Kors Jet Set Logo Tote

Longchamp Le Pliage Tote in Black 
(Not sure of size or if I would want to customize it)

Coach Saffiano Medium City Tote

Coach Madison Leather Juliette Carryall

Coach Madison Leather Kara Carryall

As you can see, I kind of have an idea of the style I want, I just want to see all of these in person. I'm going on vacation and there is a Coach outlet, so maybe I could even find something there! Anyways, now with the rest of my list!! 

2. Vino 2 Go Wine Glass

I saw this on someone's blog, although I forgot whose it was. These are a great idea if you are tailgating, out on the beach, by the pool, etc! A wineglass that won't spill! The price isn't bad either, when you realize what you are getting! This is one of those, "oh why didn't I think of that?" products! 

3. A "Home" T-Shirt. 

I've seen the standard grey with white, but I really like this one since I graduated from UK. No matter where life takes me, Kentucky will always be "home". 

4. An adorable Vera Bradley Summer Tote. So I went to Vera Bradley's website to look for the laptop case that I'm wanting, but I got distracted by this adorable summer tote!! I might have to order this, it's so cute and they have other cute patterns too like a crab, an anchor, a whale, and a turtle! 

5. My Own Blog Design/Domain. I couldn't really think of anything else besides more jewelry and clothes in general, so I decided instead that the 5th thing on my wishlist right now is a personalized blog design and my own domain. If you're reading this, who hosts your blogger domain and who designed your blog? Let me know so I can check them out and look at their portfolio, costs, etc! 

Happy Friday, everyone!! Hope you all are having a great weekend! I'm leaving for the beach tonight, guess I should go pack! 

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