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Among all the terrible things, there is still good.

A lot happened this week in Boston, in West, Texas, I quit my job, I found a new job, etc. Among all of the terrible things like the bombing and the explosion in West, Texas, I am comforted a little bit knowing that even though there is evil in the world, there is still good.

Among all of the terrible things, there is still good. Although I do worry at times about a shooting happening nearby my family, boyfriend, friends, or myself, I pray to God to keep me safe. The comforting thing through all of this and even being scared sometimes, is that if one day my time comes, then it was in God's plan. It's a horrible thing to say to those who are grieving and mourning right now, but it's something that is comforting to me. 

"31 What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?" -- Romans 8:31. 
Since this is my blog, I try to post a variety of things. I'm not strictly a religious blog, a music blog, a fashion blog, or a lifestyle blog. This is a blog that reflects me and 100% of me. It's hard for me to grasp how someone could have so much hatred that they could harm innocent people who have done nothing to them. Those runners were participating in their hobby and their friends, family, and community members were there to cheer them on. Some of those runners, will never run again without prosthetics. Even throughout the bad things which seem to be happening more and more, I still believe that good things will come again. People do care about other people, even if they can't show it every day until a tragedy happens. Bad things happen, but remember good things happen too. Injured people do heal, communities DO rebuild, bad guys are caught. I'm leaving this post before I go to bed, but I just needed to get this off of my chest before I went to bed. If you pray, pray for America. A big reason that I believe that good will come after the bad, is because of my beliefs as a Christian. Jesus had terrible things happen to him, he was crucified on the cross, but three days later, he defeated death and rose again. Good won, and I believe that it will completely win one day. I'm not sure when, but I know it will one day. I've got to believe in good, otherwise all of the bad things will make me go crazy.

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