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You can't work here!

So today I'm writing this post because I am inspired by my boyfriend's recent life experiences as well as my own. While I have a job as a bridal consultant, I'm still searching for a "job" that will one day become a "well paying career with vacation time, retirement plan, advancement opportunities, etc." My boyfriend has a part time job as well working at an agent office for State Farm, however he is graduating in May and he's wants to find his "perfect" career as well. Okay, maybe not the "perfect" career, but he would LOVE to work for a Fortune 500 company again with all the benefits, specifically Marvel.

As many of you all may know, this is easier said than done in the good ol' USA right now. Maybe it is our resumes or maybe our interviews skills are not wonderful. All I know is that my boyfriends resume is more impressive than mine and he still hasn't found this job yet.

You know what's frustrating though? When you apply for jobs that you should be qualified for, but you can't get hired because you have too much experience or you don't have the proper experience(sorry y'all, your education alone may not cut it). It's like, how am I supposed to get the job experience to advance if nobody will take a chance on me and hire me so that I CAN get experience? Like this is even for jobs at the bottom of the totem pole, not executive positions or anything. I have worked retail for a couple years now(albeit different locations), but even that and my education can't land me an assistant manager position.

Also, just because you did an internship for a Fortune 500 company like Disney, a study abroad program, actively involved in a fraternity/sorority with a leadership position, president of a campus club, AND a good student graduating in 4 years, doesn't mean you will land your dream job right out of college. Well, the perfect job hasn't come around for my boyfriend...YET. I mean if he can't land some of these jobs, then what does it take?! Am I missing something, HR people?

I really think that the most important factors besides education, work experience, and great credentials is WHO. YOU. KNOW. If you do an internship at a place like Walt Disney World or somewhere and you take the time to work hard and network, the chances of you landing a job in the future are greater. If you have excellent networking skills plus an awesome resume, chances are they would hire you over someone with just one of the above.

I may be wrong, but that's why I wrote this post. I want to know what makes a person more likely to be hired over the next person? I want to advance in my industry, but so far i am having zero luck. Do I need to network more? Do I need to go back to school? Do I need to relocate? All of the above? A couple of the above? None of the above, but something else?

Let me know. I want to know my readers opinions!
Until then, I hope you all are having a great week! TOMORROW IS FRIDAY...YAY!


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