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This is what March is all about!!

Hello, everyone! So I got several great replies from my blog advice post and I'm very thankful that some of you took time to reply! I decided to wait a little bit(probably another month) to see how I feel about buying my own domain name and seeing about getting a custom theme. I found several affordable designers, but like I said I'm not sure if that's the route that I want to go yet. I guess I'm still looking/shopping around.

Speaking of shopping, this is my first semi-fashion post! My mom and I went to Nashville yesterday to look for Easter dresses but we came back with a few more items! I could write a boring, detailed post but I will let pictures do the talking.

You can hardly see it, but to the left of the trees is Nashville. I might have taken this picture while we were stuck in traffic.

Traffic on I-65 South was horrible, but eventually we made it to the Mall of Green Hills. I'll be honest, I don't have the money to drop at places like Tiffany & Co, Kate Spade, or Jimmy Choo, but I love going there just to get motivation to work hard so that maybe I will be able to shop at a place like Green Hills. I really love going there to window shop. After mom and I window shopped for a while, we ate lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. My mom had the shrimp BLT & fries while I had the lunch pizza and salad special. The tomato, basil and cheese pizza was awesome as well as the caesar salad. Both seemed like regular portions to me, so I ate the salad and had half of my pizza leftover for lunch today. I finished off with the Ultimate Red Velvet Cheescake(two of my favorite desserts combined) and it was delicious. While typing this blog post I finished the other half of the cheesecake.

Shopping Haul and selfies in the dressing room! I took pictures and sent them to my boyfriend to get his opinion! Does anyone else do the same thing?[/caption]

After we ate, we drove across Nashville to Opry Mills. It's a great place to shop and we visited the New York & Company Outlet, the Michael Kors outlet(I can't decide between a Coach and an MK), Loft Outlet, Off Broadway Shoes and a few other shops. Here's the description for the pics above.

  1. Top Left - NY&Co was having a great sale on some tops, so I got this one for $15! I already wore it to work today! That's how much I like it! 

  2. Top Right - I got three other shirts! The white one and black ones are Chiffon shirts from Express, linked here. My mom also got a tan one for herself. There were 3 other colors I wanted, but since they aren't on sale yet, I'm going to wait! The neon pink one in the middle was also $15 at the NY&Co outlet!

  3. Bottom Left - A close up of said white shirt! The black is similar, but black! Fun fact, we didn't have the $25 off for $75 spent, but because I have the Express app, my iphone located us at the store and the guy still honored it with the code! Yay for saving money.

  4. Bottom Right - I found my Easter dress at the Loft Outlet, but I'm going to keep that a surprise til Easter. However, these are the shoes at Off Broadway Shoes that I got to go with them. You can't shop on Off Broadway's website, but I believe these are them on the Zappo's website!

All in all it was a great day! After we finished shopping, mom and I picked up dinner for her, came home, and watched the Kansas/Western Kentucky game. i had a slight headache the past two days, but it became a full blown miagraine by the time we got home. I went to bed early, then woke up today feeling better. Sadly, my hometown team lost so both UK and WKU are out of their tourney's! However, UK's women's basketball team starts NCAA tournament play tomorrow, so I will have to watch their game! Hopefully they will win!

Saturday Update: I was supposed to work 10 am-4:30 today, but we weren't that busy so I got sent home early! It's been a great weekend so far and i'm sure I'll post tomorrow sometime after church, but for now it's bedtime! Goodnight!



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