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Sweet Tea & God's Graces

Hiiii everyone! So today, I worked. It was incredibly boring. I will spare you the details. We had a bride come in wanting to try on her gown that had come in and it was an absolutely gorgeous Allure Bridal gown. She was 5'11", really thin, and absolutely looked like a beautiful model in that dress. I told her that her groom was going to cry when he saw how beautiful she looked and she was like, "haha no he's not." Anyways, the undiscovered model looked great and made me feel worse about my fluffier self. I know I'm not "fat" or "plus size", but I want to be a size smaller than I am, pant size wise. Whether people want to admit it, I think everyone has some personal thing that they would like to change about themselves. Thankfully my boyfriend reassures me that I'm beautiful, but somedays I just don't feel that way about myself.

ANYWAYS, the title of this post was going to be "Chicago, Nashville, or elsewhere", but I liked the unreleased Taylor Swift song as the title. It's really hard to find a legit version of this song due to copyrights and everything, but this is probably my favorite song of hers. I'm praying that one day she will just release an album with all of her currently unreleased songs.

Since I returned from Disney, I landed a job as a bridal consultant at a local boutique 30 minutes away from my hometown. It has been an "okay" job, I definitely don't "love" it, but sometimes when we get awesome brides it is really fun. I like helping girls pick out their dream wedding gowns. However, the job can be fun, but sometimes other things are not. The commute is getting old as well as some other things(thepeopleakaownerandmanager) and it really makes me want to leave. I don't think anyone that I work with will find my blog, but even if they do I kind of have this "oh well" attitude. It's just not what I want to do with my life and I'm currently debating on other jobs to apply for. Yes, I should be thankful that I even have a job, but really, if I'm not happy and driving a 30 minute commute to and from, thenis the money really worth it? The answer to me is no. I want to go back and work for Disney, or somewhere in Nashville, or Chicago, or elsewhere. I have my college degree(Bachelor's) and I dream of going to grad school to get my MBA. Maybe I'm too confident, but I really feel like I can do more with my life. I want to challenge myself so that when I do succeed, it will make the success that much sweeter.

Until the day comes when I get a new job, I will continue helping girls find their dream gowns as if it is my ultimate dream job. I'll work hard even though at times I want to scream and walk out of that place at that moment in time. Chicago, Nashville, Orlando, I don't know. All I know is that I am excited to see the new path that I could head down with a new career. A real big girl career. I hope you all are having great Tuesdays!



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