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Sunday Social!

Hello! I know I did a small post already, but while I was thinking about it and caught up on all of my blog reads, I thought I'd do another one! I saw this on this blog and decided to link up with A Complete Waste Of Makeup also! 

1. Favorite type of workout to do? Swimming, definitely! I was a competitive swimmer from age 5-18! 

2. Favorite guilty pleasure candy or sweet? I love Red Velvet Cake, Cheesecake, or mint chocolate chip ice cream with hot fudge.

3. What is one thing you continuously forget to do? Balance my checkbook at the end of the day. I say this because I've been trying to get better at it.

4. Post it's or phone reminders? Both depending on what the reminder is and where I am. For flights and like important dates, I like e-mail/phone reminders. If I'm at work and have several projects to get done, then post-its! 

5. What is your favorite picture in your phone? I chose this one of my boyfriend and I because this was the picture we used to tell everyone in Facebook world that we were officially dating. It was taken by my boyfriend's WDWCP roomie at Magic Kingdom.

Hard to believe we took this pic 10 months ago

Hope you all are having a great Easter! Anyone else like me and not excited that tomorrow is Monday? 

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