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My Magical Experience...in pictures!

Hello all! If you have read my blog or my about me, then you may know that i did the Disney College Program January through August 2012. I was a merchandise cast member at Walt Disney World's Polynesian Resort for the Spring Advantage session. Honestly, it was the best experience of my life and I met a lot of amazing people. This post is dedicated to those people. I'll probably post more about this experience in the future, but for tonight I figured this is a good start!
 January 16, 2012 -- My parents and I went to Magic Kingdom 2 days before I checked into the Disney College Program!
On January 18th, I checked into the college program! I had met my roommates on Facebook so it was really exciting to meet them in person. There were 6 of us in a 3-bedroom/3-bathroom apartment in Patterson Court! The bedrooms are dorm style, so we had two beds, two nightstands, a dresser w/ mirror, walk in closet with two lockers for personal belongings, a vanity with sink, and then a separate shower/bathroom in each of the rooms. We also had a balcony, living room with sofa, loveseat, and desk, and a full kitchen with pantry. The apartment was really nice!

On Casting Day, I learned that I would be working at the Polynesian Resort. I had no idea what resort this was, so I was really excited to see that it was this one!
Disney's Polynesian Resort -- My home away from home

Working at Disney World was awesome most of the time! I loved getting into the parks for free and just living in Orlando in general. I met some amazing people(like the ones in the Instagram collages below...)

Some of my favorites from the Spring sesh! Kelsey, Jaclyn, Nikki, Joe(aka my boyfriend),
Me, and my roomie Dani! This was Kelsey, Jaclyn, Nikki, and Joe's last night of their program!

We are awesome!! haha goofing off in Bou-Tiki with Danielle, Kelsey, Nicole, Melissa, and myself! 
Big Kahuna and The Pineapple Princesses!! -- Yes that was our hula team name and YES we learned how to Hula!! It's a competition that they do every year at the Polynesian Resort between resort categories! There was a Merch team, front desk team, recreation team, etc! Front Desk won, but it totally should have been us ;) haha jk jk.
In the back - Marcus, Nicolina, Melissa, Danielle, Consuelo
Front - Angie, Kelsey, Me, and Jodie!

These are from our reunion trip in January, but here's some more pics
Top Left - Cinderella's Castle at Magic Kingdom
Top Middle - Melissa, Me, and Dani while we were having drinks at House of Blues in Downtown Disney!
Top Right -- Playing with Tiaras in Epcot with Melissa, Dani, me, and Emma!
Left Mid - My favorite coordinator Pat who was as big(or bigger) of a UK basketball fan as me!
Middle - Hollywood Studios!
Right Mid - Me, Danielle, Nicolina, and Marcus -- The 'Ohana aka brothers and sisters aka the kids of the spring advantage session!
Bottom Left - Marcus, Charyl, Debbie, Danielle, Nicolina, and me in Trader Jack's in the Polynesian Resort!
Bottom Mid - Herb, Una, Marcus, Debbie, Me, Nicolina, Adrian(Big A), and Danielle!
Bottom Right - The Big Golf Ball in Epcot!

Honestly, I could make this post longer, but today has been a really rough day so I think I'm just going to live this post at this for now. I'm pretty sure all I need right now is sleep. You all ever have one of those days where you're just so over it and want to go to bed? That's me today. Pretty much, the Disney College Program was the best experience that I've had and if you are still in college, I highly recommend checking out blogs, vlogs, and the DCP website!! If you are thinking of applying and have any questions, let me know!! I will probably have more posts about Disney, but for now, this is a good start!

Goodnight everyone!!


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