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*.o9 - This Is What Dreams Are Made Of*

So tonight I'm blogging from my kind-of broken computer that has a broken hinge and a missing key. It's really bad...I really want a Mac but I just don't see that happening anytime soon cause my parents are paying my way through school, my rent, and part of my utilities. I hate asking them for money and asking them to pay for this stuff but if I didn't I would be homeless and not in school or in school with very high student loan payments to repay someday. So for now, I'm just stuck with my HP that is falling apart yet, works? IDK. I thought if hinges broke and if I do something to my "I" key that something bad will happen and it will just stop working all together. Who knows though.

The real reason I wrote this blog was to basically have another entry before I went to bed. I don't have anything really to say since it is late. I register for fall semester tomorrow and I'm really hoping I get good classes. So I'm going to go to bed now but I'll probably make a bigger post tomorrow. Sorry for this lame, pointless entry!

Have a Magical Night! =)

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