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* .o8 -- Bouncy, Bouncy, FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN!*

Well hello there! It's almost 1 AM and I just got a burst of energy from watching these two girls who did Spring Sesh '09 (Yes, sesh = session) and they were hilarious. Jane & Lauren, look them up on YouTube. Their videos are great! lol.

Anyways, so today was a good day! It was like 80 degrees and SUNNY! So duh, how could a day like that NOT be awesome? I had three classes, and none of them were that bad. I get excused from my Managerial Accounting class(yes it does suck, just like you would think because of the title of the class, lol) on Thursday because I have a choir concert with UK's Women's Choir...woot! Our concert is at 7:30 but our call is at 6:30 and my class starts at 6:00 so I didn't want to go for like an hour, you know? I like how I say you know like someone actually reads this. You would think since I follow people they might follow me back but I guess I'm not cool enough to be followed by CPers yet. Sad day...

But on a bright side! Back to choir, we have choir elections on Tuesday for officers for next year and then after that class, I'M DONE WITH CHOIR FOR THE SEMESTER! Woot! That means I will only have 4 classes instead of 5 and I will have one A for sure! That means I can focus my time on working and studying for Accounting, Management, Merchandising, & Business Writing. *AND* I won't have class until 3:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays! Yay!

So um, I think that's all for this random blog, I just watched those vlogs and read some blogs and felt like blogging so this is my super awesome blog and now I'm going to bed! Hopefully when I wake up I could have one follower? Although I doubt it. Goodnight everyone, and hey all you Spring 2011 College Program hopefuls, WE ARE ONE DAY CLOSER TO APPLYING! Yay! =) Alright, goodnight everyone! Have magical dreams!! :)

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