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*.o7 -- But when should I apply?*

Dear Readers(if I have any!),

I just wanted to post a video that I randomly found one day that makes me so excited to apply for the Walt Disney World College Program. The music mix for this video is awesome and how could it NOT make someone pumped to apply? I hope you all enjoy this video:

This makes me SO excited to apply, however for the spring session I still have to wait til September I think before the applications are available! I still don't even know if I will be able to do the Spring session because I want to try to graduate next spring..but who knows what God has in plan for me. Here's my thoughts on each of the sessions. I want to do Advantage, just not sure which!

 Spring Advantage '11
Fall Advantage '11
I'm sure I will think of more things, but for now these are my big concerns. I'm going to talk to my advisor about it when I talk about registering for classes, and hopefully they can provide me with some insight and advice. I'm also going to pray about it, because while I know I want to do this, does God want me to?

So God, I know you can speak to me, I'm opening my heart, what should I do? Do you even want me to do this? I don't think you would have this opportunity pop up again in my life after I kind of put it on the back burner my first 3 years of college.

That's all for tonight, as a UK fan I'm sad that Duke won the NCAA Men's National Basketball Championship over Butler, especially since Butler played their hearts out. I believe they should have won. But I'm going to sign off now and go get some rest.

Have a very Magical Day & A Very Merry Unbirthday if it's not your birthday!! =)

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