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*.o6 -- I Dream of Disney*

Hi there! So I am sitting in a computer lab at school right now updating my blog since I have some free time before my next class! I just wanted to say that the Fall 2010 CP-ers are being awesome with their blogs! I absolutely LOVE reading your blogs and seeing what the whole application process was like for you all! I’m worried that some of them will see me following them and be like, “what? Who is this weird person following me? They aren’t doing Fall 2010! “ However, after reading your alls blogs I realized they wouldn’t think that because I feel like they wrote the blogs to explain the whole process! :)

Just to update everyone, I thought I would write about my weekend, starting with Friday! Friday I went to my Business Writing class at 9 am and then went back to my apartment to get ready for Keeneland. I’m from Kentucky and I go to the University of Kentucky and let me just say, next to basketball, Kentucky knows horses! (At least in my opinion! haha) Keeneland is a horse racing track that some of my friends and I like to go to! You dress up nicely and go bet on horses! It’s a lot of fun, especially if you win! Haha. If you all have heard of the Kentucky Derby, it’s horse races like that but on a smaller scale. My friends Kelsey, Jordan, & I all dressed up and went to Keeneland for three races out of the ten and I ended up winning $10.00 all together! It may not seem like that much but I was really excited cause I broke even for the day! After Keeneland I dropped them off at their apartments & packed to go home! When I got home, I laid around and watched some T.V. before my mom got home from work at 6 pm. Then I was recruited to help her get ready for our yard sale on Saturday.

Saturday was the yard sale, and it rained, so sadly at my mom’s first yard sale we did not make that much! After the yard sale we ran to the bank to deposit money and then we got lunch at one of our favorite places, Zaxby’s! I got the Big Zax Snak Meal dipped in Wimpy, fries, and a diet coke to drink. It was delicious! Actually now I’m craving it again so I might just have to go run and get some today! Haha! So that was pretty much my Saturday, nothing exciting at all!
Sunday was Easter and my family got up and went to church! It was so packed! I’ve NEVER seen the church that packed! It was a wonderful service and I got to see some people that I haven’t seen in a while! After church, we came home and my mom fixed Chicken Casserole, mashed potatoes, green beans, and rolls. It’s my favorite meal and I was lucky enough to bring some leftovers back with me to school!

So that was basically my weekend, kind of a boring post but I felt like I needed to post something! I have a formspring so in the rare chance that someone actually READS this, feel free to ask me a question! =) That’s all for now, since I have to go to my Intro to Merchandising class (aka my fashion class!) so I will update again probably later today! It’s the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship tonight so I’m not working, haha bad reason but oh well!

Have a Magical Day!

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