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*.o4 -- Ok, now I'm worried!*

Hey! Okay so I'm sure nobody reads this, but right now I'm kind of glad! I'm already having a small stress out session over the WDW College Program. Here is a list of stuff stressing me out:

Sorry for my random thought blurbs, but this is time that I have when I can ramble on like this because I think I am the only one reading it! lol. Basically, I am going to keep posting these little thought trains about the CP in my blog. I feel like if I do this, maybe there is someone else out there who had these same problems or someone who will have these problems and they can learn from me or I can learn from them. Either way, I keep my sanity and one or more people can learn something from my experience. Basically, I need to talk to my advisor, ask her questions, get answers, and see when I can apply. This is the very beginning of the journey, and I'm so excited to see what the rest of this wild ride has in store for me :)

That is all for tonight, but goodnight and if you are reading this and were accepted into any of the Fall 2010 sessions, congrats!! :)

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