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*.10 -- 5 Hours of Summer once a week...*

Okay, so today I wanted to make the title something Saturday-ish and then I remembered how Disney used to have Disney's One Saturday Morning on ABC! Well, on YouTube you can find a video for pretty much ANYTHING you want, and I found the official intro! So enjoy this!

In non-Disney related news, I'm home again this weekend watching Disney movies. :) Seriously, this makes me perfectly happy. If only I was on a Disney Cruise Ship watching these movies on their big outdoor tv screen while going on a cruise to the Bahamas and their private island. That's one thiing that could make this day better :) But for now I'll just settle for staying at home, relaxing, and ignoring the fact that I'm going to be 22 on Tuesday. I'm seriously not excited about my birthday. To me, 20 was old, 21 was bearable cause I could buy alcohol, but 22?! I'm not ready to be a grown-up. But I can't change time, so I have to accept the fact that I'm not Peter Pan and grow up.

Now, for your dose of Disney, I still haven't figured out when I'm going to apply for the Disney College Program. I'm registered for classes for the fall, but I'm signed up for Merchandising, Apparel, and Textiles classes because I haven't been able to apply for Marketing yet to see if the College of Business and Economics will accept me. I still have to take three tests on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint before I will have all of my pre-reqs for the pre-major complete. The whole thing stresses me out. I just really need to know so I can plan my future.

But that's all for this update, I might make a list of my favorite Disney songs or something. We'll see! For now, I'm just going to go back to watching The Great Mouse Detective and leave you all with a trailer for that as well :)

Have a Magical (Satur)Day!

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