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*.o2 -- & Listen to the music of the nght*

Second post...yay! I really need to revamp this blog since I have a whole new idea for it now! So, I'm about to go to bed, but I just wanted to post since I've followed a few people who I am super envious of! They are currently participating in the Disney College Program or they already have. I can't wait for the day when I can apply. I hit my head on the wall like Dobby from Harry Potter when I think how I changed my major and how I have an extra year (maybe an extra semester after that if I get to do the CP next SPRING!) I just really want to apply in the fall for the spring advantage just in case I don't get it at first. (Although there IS always the 6 months after graduation.)

Truth is...I would prefer to do Fall Advantage 2011...but that would mean missing Holidays with my family.Spring Advantage 2011 would mean missing Holidays like Easter at my church, but awesome holidays to be in Disney World. Also my birthday is in April, so how sweet would that be? Spending your birthday AT DISNEY WORLD? It would probably be the best birthday ever. And make turning 23 a little more bearable. Ugh 23, I hate getting older :( I just want to stay a kid! (Good reason to work for Disney right, I'm a big kid who wants to make other kids happy.)

I will probably make a pro's/con's list for each session at another time, but now I've been up way too late and it is time for me to get some rest. Accounting exam tomorrow, yay fun! =/

Goodnight everyone and remember, a wish is a dream your heart makes, when you're fast asleep :)

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